Sex Tips: How to Deal With Small Dicks

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When it comes to sex, you don’t have to “go big or go home.” Still, some guys do not realize that. They end up hating themselves because of their small size. Today, we’ll share some small penis sex tips on how to deal with tiny dicks and reveal some reasons why having a small penis will actually benefit you during sex! 

A Small Penis Is Not a Big Deal

We get it: it can be incredibly intimidating if your partner’s exes were all endowed with monster cocks. And even if you’ve heard that size doesn’t matter a thousand times before, you may not have understood what the saying really means. 

Actually, most penis sizes are enough to stimulate the outer third of the vaginal walls. That’s where all the stimulation happens. Scientifically, you truly don’t need to be hung like a horse to make a woman cum. There are so many other things involved in a female orgasm that do not depend on your pecker. Even if you’re not so big, you could learn how to use a small penis

In fact, more women are able to cum through manual stimulation compared to internal penetration with big dicks. Also, if you have doubts, you should double-check your size to see if you are truly considered “small.” The average erect penis is around 5 inches long. But, even that can feel too big for some women. In fact, 3 inches is the average vaginal depth. Therefore, if you have a size that is smaller than the average penis, you’ll still be able to do a lot of damage! 

Do Not Talk About the Small Elephant in the Room 

Penis size is an incredibly personal matter. No one should invade your privacy by talking about it. If you don’t want your partner to discuss your penis with her friends, you will need to be clear with her. 

Furthermore, if you don’t want her to discuss it with you, ask her not to mention it. Men are highly sensitive regarding their penis size. They could be ridiculed in their social circles if someone were to find out that they are not packing a lot of heat. Moreover, talking about tiny peckers or even insulting a man for having a smaller penis could seriously impact his self-confidence. If you’re on the smaller side, you’ll need to have a discussion with your partner. Simply establish what’s allowed and what bothers you! 

Find the Right Position 

For sex with a tiny penis, you will preferably need to use a sex position that provides maximum penetration. It should allow you to enter with the whole length of the shaft, aka balls deep. To make the most out of your size, use the following positions: 

  • Doggy style — This position allows you to thrust far into a vagina or anus and make the most out of your length. You will also be able to reach your partner’s clitoris and stimulate it manually. 
  • Face off — You can get maximum penetration if you sit on a chair and your partner climbs on top of you. Additionally, you can touch and lick your partner’s breasts in this position to drive her wild. 
  • Cowgirl and Reverse cowgirl — When the woman climbs on top of you, she can find the best angle that suits her and ride you until she cums. It enables her to learn how to ride a small penis for the best effect.
  • Knees to chest — The knees to chest position also allows you to go balls deep. But, by lifting your partner’s legs up to your shoulders, you’ll create a tighter fit in her pussy. This will make your penis feel bigger and harder. 

Add More Clitoral Stimulation 

Like we’ve said, even if you have the biggest cock in the world, you might not be able to give your partner a strong orgasm if you neglect clitoral stimulation.

If you focus more on clitoral stimulation and blend it with penetration, any penis size could create miracles. Perhaps the best small penis sex tip is to use your penis to touch her clit during foreplay. Plus, don’t forget about going down on her and giving her some spectacular oral sex!

For added effect, it’s recommended to use a vibrator or another toy that can intensify clitoral stimulation. That will push her over the edge and while you give her multiple orgasms. Plus, you can use toys like cock rings to make your penis swell and appear bigger. 

Experiment With Anal

Finally, you should realize that you have something unique that big-dicked guys will never experience. Having a small cock will increase your chances to experiment with anal! 

Guys with bigger dicks almost always get turned down for anal because of their size. Larger cocks can cause a lot of pain to the receiving partner during and after anal sex. But, if you have a smaller penis, anal sex won’t hurt your partner as much. It will actually feel awesome! And obviously, the increased tightness from your partner’s anal opening will feel great for you. 

On the other hand, if your girlfriend or wife is into it, you can get also help by using some sex toys. For example, you can penetrate her booty with your penis and slide a dildo inside her vagina to give her the naughtiest gift of double penetration! 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, our text has encouraged you to be proud of your small penis! Try some of our tips, and we guarantee that you’ll have orgasmic sex that will make you feel like a true stud. Have fun! 

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