The Best Sex Positions for Older Couples

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If you are struggling with sex at old age, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are a few different approaches you can try to make sex with your partner incredible again. Check out our breakdown of the best sex positions for older couples, along with additional tips to make sex work at old age!

Making Love Knows No Age

While we all know the old cliche that says love is ageless, many older couples still struggle with sex. If a couple has been together for a long time, it’s easy to neglect sex and prioritize other parts of life, such as children and jobs. Also, some couples could suffer from low sexual confidence or even think that they are too old to have fun.

Still, sex is a vital part of our existence. It makes us happier, regulates our health, and makes us live longer. If you and your partner are older, you should try to keep your love life fresh and exciting to improve your wellbeing.

One way to change up the dynamics in your sex life is to try comfortable sexual positions. Many older couples can suffer from back pain, poor bone health, chronic pain, reduced sex drive, and joint pain. That may be one of the reasons why they end up neglecting sex.

However, if you choose the right positions, you could minimize discomfort. Also, you will get closer to your partner and ultimately boost your sexual desire. Additionally, age can make it a bit difficult to reach orgasms. Our recommended positions for older people will boost stimulation during penetrative sex. They will increase your chances of having an intense orgasm and allow you to enjoy sex much more.

1. Spooning

Spooning is one of the most intimate senior sex positions. It doesn’t sacrifice comfort and closeness. For the best effect, both partners should lie on their sides.

Then, the male should cuddle up to the female and position himself behind her back. In this position, the man can penetrate the woman from behind or even lift one leg to enter from a specific angle.

Alternatively, the female can move to stimulate his penis. This position is incredibly similar to doggie style. Yet, it relieves some pressure on the knees. By laying down, you will put less pressure on your joints without giving up your pleasure.

2. Lying on Your Back

If the man has weight or back problems, the obvious solution is to choose the “woman on top” position or some of its variants. This includes the cowgirl position, the reverse cowgirl, or the horizontal cowgirl. All of those positions will make it easier for the man, but they require a bit more effort from the woman.

If you are an old woman who struggles with back pain, the easiest way to make this position work is to lay on top of your man horizontally. This horizontal cowgirl position will relieve your body of stress. It’s also possible to try the reverse horizontal cowgirl by simply turning your back against your man.

The trick here is to adjust your body in a way to allow the man to enter at an angle. Penetration in this position should feel incredibly pleasurable, especially if you like a shallower angle.

3. Chair Position

Chairs are the most underappreciated type of furniture when it comes to sex. They offer many options for oral, vaginal, and anal sex!

The best position for older couples here when the man sits down. Then, the woman climbs on top and faces him. The woman should sit on the man’s lap. That way, you can achieve deep penetration while remaining close to each other.

Also, the men can easily reach the female breasts for additional stimulation. However, it won’t work with any chair. First, you have to find a sturdy and comfortable chair that can support the weight of both of you. Then, the chair has to be low enough so that the female can put her feet on the ground. While younger couples may not require this, a lower chair will be better for older couples because it will provide them with balance. Also, it will alleviate the pressure on both partners.

4. Missionary 

Nothing beats the standard missionary position, and this is especially true for older couples. This is the easiest sex position for most couples. It’s fast, convenient, and doesn’t require a lot of effort. The position is comfortable for men and women, and it is also highly intimate. The missionary is simple and only requires the woman to lay on her back while the man climbs on top and penetrates her.

It can target some important pleasure spots inside a female vagina, and it also feels fantastic for the man. However, for older couples, it may provide a little discomfort. The trick is to find the right angle by using a pillow behind the woman’s back. Alternatively, if the man has elbow problems, you could also try pillows or a softer bed.

Add Fun by Incorporating Sex Toys

Aside from choosing effective positions, one of the best ways older couples can experience more pleasure is through sex toys. Thousands of older couples use the help of sex toys to increase their response to stimulation and achieve stronger orgasms.

In fact, stimulation from a penis or through oral sex could feel less intense as you get older. Toys like vibrators and G-spot massagers can help women reach incredibly intense orgasms, even at an older age. Men who struggle with blood pressure problems could try cock rings to maintain a stronger and harder erection.

Of course, there are many other toys to try. If you happen to have a huge sex bucket list that you want to complete in your old age, you can get a bunch of toys to revitalize your sex life and learn new ways to orgasm! Finally, with any sex toy or penile penetration, it’s important to use lots of lubricants to combat vaginal dryness. Also, don’t neglect your mature post-sex rituals because they will allow you to form an even stronger bond.

That’s It!

Test out some of our recommended positions, order some sex toys, and have fun!

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