What You Probably Didn’t Know About the Kamasutra

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Is the Kamasutra really full of naughty sex positions and kinky sexual activities from the days of yore? Many people aren’t aware of the true story of the Kamasutra, its full contents, and the many lessons you could find in it. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about the Kamasutra!

The Common Misconception

While the Kamasutra is certainly the oldest existing text that discusses sex, it’s actually not an all-inclusive manual on love-making as many believe it to be.

The ancient Sanskrit text was written by Vātsyāyana, a male Indian philosopher, between 400 BCE and 200 CE. The most common misconceptions about the Kamasutra are a product of the modern world. Those who have no experience with the work might believe that it is full of lists outlining different sexual positions and naughty activities. We generally believe this due to wellness trends, popular culture, pornography, and simple stereotypes that constantly make us question our sex life. Additionally, many Western, as well as Indian authors, commentators, and scholars, have contributed to the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the scripture. However, the Kamasutra is not just about sex and its physical aspects. It is much more complicated than a simple “sex manual.”

In fact, the work actually contains profound lessons on bonding and living with a partner. While it does provide instructions on seduction and sexual techniques, that is not its sole focus. Actually, the purpose of the work was to promote healthy and pro-active relationships. It also educates us about the constructive use of sexual energy. 

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The Sections of the Kamasutra

The Kamasutra is organized into seven different books with 36 chapters and 64 sections. Most modern versions will contain 67 chapters, which include Yashodhara’s Sanskrit commentary. Regarding its title, the term “kama” translates to desire/love/pleasure/sex. The term “sutra” simply means treatise or work. 

Interestingly, the work combines poetry and prose with a dramatic fictional narrative. Most chapters talk about Nayaka and Nayika, which are the male and female protagonists. Other characters include a pander, jester, and libertine. Furthermore, what many don’t know is that those characters and the teachings found in the work are inspired by ancient Indian legends and myths. 

And if you read the Kamasutra, you’ll realize that it starts off by outlining three main life goals. Those are Dharma, Artha, and Kama. It also tackles some natural human questions, teaches men and women how to live better everyday lives, and discusses different personalities and types of people. 

What’s more, there are various sections that provide tips on the art of living. That includes instructions on finding an ideal partner to maintain balance in a marriage. But, the text also discusses adultery, class, courtesans, and even drug use. 

And when it comes to sex, the book offers clues on seducing and satisfying a partner. It puts a strong emphasis on the female orgasm and even advises men to wait until their female partner climaxes. While there are also mentions of males having sex with multiple females, the work also recognizes and affirms same-sex relationships. 

Also, in its 64 chapters, you’ll find a wealth of information on spiritual or pleasure-seeking sex practices. Many believe those 64 chapters are only about sex positions, while the truth is quite different.  

What You Can Learn From It 

So, can you find a purpose and meaning that resonates with you in this ancient text? 

As we’ve said, the Kamasutra offers truly profound advice on sex, but it also teaches us valuable lessons about our daily lives. Most of those lessons are oriented towards the pleasure-seeking lifestyle. So if you are more spiritual and prefer to seek higher consciousness, it would be better to delve into tantra. 

Nevertheless, the Kamasutra can show us some valuable lessons. For example, it can motivate us to challenge our partners and seek equal participation from them in relationships. It shows us that, through sex or other matters, we should strive to evolve and progress together with our partners. Another valuable lesson is that we should take control of our bodies and work on our body image. If you are feeling insecure, you should definitely check out what the Kamasutra has to say regarding self-confidence, unrealistic expectations, and perfectionism. 

What’s also interesting is that the Kamasutra pays a lot of attention to clothes or shringaar. It advises us to dress to impress so that our partners will be content with the way we look. There are so many other useful lessons that you can learn from the Kamasutra. Some even include instructions on urban life, personal health/hygiene, and making money. You can also find lessons on getting back together with a former lover, renewing friendship, body art, stimulants, etc. 

What About Sex?

Concerning sex, the book is simply full of hidden gems that could transform your life. For instance, it discusses endurance, foreplay, genital size, duration of sexual activities, and much more. It investigates orgasm types in great detail and offers profound advice on how to turn your partner on. 

The writer also instructs men and women on how to train in the arts of seduction. Some unusual techniques that it discusses are eight different types of scratches for teasing and seduction. It also describes kissing in great detail and outlines some kissing games. Of course, you can also learn about male/female needs, surprises, experimenting, oral sex, and much more. However, some of the best advice in this work is related to keeping relationships fresh and relevant. It offers a lot of information on how to keep the passions burning in long-term relationships. 


As you’ve seen, you can learn many profound lessons from this ancient work. In the end, the Kamasutra isn’t just a sex handbook but a great manual on how to live your life and take care of your partner. And that’s only the beginning. So pick up a copy today and read through it to discover the true magic of the Kamasutra!

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