The only Kama Sutra positions worth bothering with

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Posted By Thomas Mabe

Kama Sutra positions all sound a bit gymnastic and exhausting, don’t they? Like Glastonbury, bongs and the captain of the rugby team, they’re the sort of thing you do in your uni days purely to say you have. But there are actually some real gems in there, and they don’t require you to have Olympic flexibility or aligned chakras to enjoy.

Clasping position

If you want to impress your partner with knowledge of the ancient sexual art but can only muster enthusiasm for the missionary, this one’s for you. More of a lovemaking move than a pie-eyed f*** position, this allows you to have full-body contact, and affords lots of kissing and eye contact. Read more: Sex positions for lazy men (that she’ll actually enjoy)

Lie your partner down, open her legs and simply enter. Apply some gentle rocking movement, and ease her legs slightly wider. It’s a good one for you well-hung chaps; it doesn’t enable you to fully penetrate – which is a good thing if you’re considering having a go more than once a night.


OK, so this one’s slightly less traditional. I’d give this a go after a glass of wine, or perhaps if you’re having a weekend away. And don’t even think about it if you’ve got children – they’ll be mentally scarred if they catch you locked together like this. Your partner needs to lie on her back, cradling her knees. You kneel, facing her and enter her. Boys, lube up – things will be tight, which feels great, but this position requires a little assistance. Your partner can pull you into her by grabbing your bum. The pressure from the way her legs bend and press against your chest contract the muscles in her vagina. She’ll love it.

The tigress

Not to be confused with Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, although the Angelina Jolie connection might be an added turn-on. This is one for the more confident woman to master, so if she’s a little bashful be sure to give her plenty of encouragement. If you’re not a talker, just caress her shape from behind so she knows you are appreciating her. Similar to the reverse cowgirl position, this is quite an easy option for the guys, but very sexual and empowering for her. You simply lie down, and she can climb on, her back to you, sitting comfortably. Then she rocks, arching her back up and down. If you can, enter her before you’re fully erect. Sitting on a throbbing hard-on can be tricky.

Splitting of a bamboo

The instructions seem intimidating, but don’t be put off – it’s easy-peasy. You’ve probably done this before without even realising you were a bonafide sex guru. If you enjoy a bit of cardio, you’ll love this. Great if your lady does some yoga – you can stretch her out while, well, you know… If she’s lying on her back, lift one leg up, rest her leg against your shoulder, hold it there and go for it.

The milk and water embrace

This is the most adventurous one – mainly because it requires a chair with no arms. You need to be sitting dwon, with your partner sat on you facing away. A great moment for some manual clit stimulation while you slide in, moving her back and forth. Sneak into the office if you’re in the mood for a quickie, or perhaps in your living room. Just don’t use the toilet (extenuating circumstances are restricted to a visit to the in-laws or a Michelin-starred restaurant).

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