For Men: How to Get More Than One Orgasm

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Would you like to be able to experience more than one orgasm in a row? This article will teach you how to achieve that.

That Pesky Refractory Period

If you’re a guy, the chances are that you’ve had tons of situations in which you’ve had an orgasm before your partner. When this happens, men are usually unable to get hard again and continue sex. This could make it difficult for your partner to enjoy sex. It also gets in the way of you enjoying strong multiple orgasms!

One of the only things that are stopping you from having male multiple orgasms is the dreaded refractory period. It’s a post-orgasm phase, and it’s a normal part of male sexual health. It prevents you from getting aroused again after an orgasm.

During the refractory period, stimulation has no effect on your penis. Also, this period can last around 15 minutes for younger men. For the average male, it can last approximately 30 minutes. However, men who are in their 50s could even be prevented from having sex for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the refractory period makes it physically impossible for men to have a second or third orgasm.

Non-Ejaculatory Multiple Orgasms

To avoid your refractory period from cockblocking you, you could try to train yourself and have a NEMO. Non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms are the only type of orgasm that men can have several times in a row. These orgasms are different from regular orgasms. They usually occur around two to seven seconds before ejaculation. They are also called dry orgasms.

What happens here is that you experience an orgasm but never release semen from your penis. It’s possible to release a small amount of semen during a NEMO. Yet, the trick is to train yourself not to expel a full load of jizz.

That way, you bypass the recovery period. Some men can even train themselves to prolong their non-ejaculatory orgasms. It’s possible to make them last over a minute, but this takes intense physical and mental training. Still, it’s not difficult to learn how to do this, and it will usually take around one to two weeks of regular practice until you get familiar with dry orgasms.

Here’s what men say about how dry orgasms feel.

What Do Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms Feel Like?

Non-ejaculatory orgasms are nothing new. They have been explored by Tibetan monks in the past, and most men can learn how to master them. However, they will feel different for every guy. According to most studies, dry orgasms feel much like regular male orgasms.

However, they are less intense. This is actually a good thing since it may be better to have several mild orgasms compared to just one big O. That way, you’ll be able to keep going and have sex until both you and your partner are satisfied. Yet, some guys claim that dry orgasms feel even better than a full ejaculatory orgasm. Some men can experience strong pressure in their abs, testicles, and anus muscles.

Moreover, mastering dry orgasms is a great way to last longer in bed while providing constant stimulation. Plus, it can raise your awareness during sex and heighten all your senses to keep you in complete control.

Strengthen Your PC Muscles

One of the best ways to train for dry orgasms is to strengthen the pubococcygeus or PC muscles. This is a hammock-like muscle. It extends from the tail bone (coccyx) to the pubic bone or from your anus to the bottom of your testicles. That way, it forms the floor of your pelvic cavity and surrounding pelvic organs.

Training your pelvic floor muscles and being able to flex them hard enough is the key to non-ejaculatory orgasms. When you can control this muscle, you can actually block the semen from exiting out of your penis. If you’ve ever had to stop peeing midway, you’ve definitely felt this muscle.

The easiest way to strengthen your pelvic muscles is through Kegel exercises. These easy exercises are meant to work out your PC muscles and make them stronger. You can practice Kegels two to three times per day by simply squeezing those muscles.

Suppress Ejaculation While Masturbating

Before masturbation, you should master your Kegels. This means you will need to learn how to hold those muscles for longer than 20 seconds at a time.

When you’ve strengthened them, you can start with some masturbation techniques. It’s much better to do this on your own. You’ll have full control over the point of no return. To see results quickly, you should masturbate every day.

During each session, your goal is to get close to orgasm. When you get there, you have to squeeze the PC muscles really hard. Then, hold them for ten to 20 seconds. Try to hold them as long and as hard as possible because this will cool you down. When you start masturbating again, focus your thoughts on something else. If it gets too intense, simply change your stroke instead of stopping altogether.

The point is to achieve continuous stimulation for as long as you can. Then, repeat the previous steps a few times. When you get to the stage of ejaculatory inevitability, simply squeeze the PC muscles. Do this as hard as you can but don’t release them. You will feel your penis swell and twitch. You’ll successfully delay your ejaculation while having a dry orgasm. After that, you can repeat the process or continue with the stimulation and work yourself up to a regular orgasm to blow a full load.

You might want to train your pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises.

Try a Different Position

When you feel confident to practice this technique during sex with a partner, you should always get into a position that gives you the most control. So avoid positions that put your partner on top because you won’t be able to pull out when you’re on the verge.

The most recommended position for this is doggy. It allows you and your partner to get comfortable. It also provides deep penetration that will feel pleasurable for your partner during vaginal or anal sex. You can repeat the same process that you used for masturbation during penetrative sex. Hopefully, if you have mastered the technique during masturbation, it will be easy to have multiple orgasms during sex.

Focus on Your Breath

Another key factor to postponing and preventing ejaculation is your breathing. You’ll have to use a specific type of “belly breathing” for this. This is a type of diaphragmatic breathing that happens when you take deep breaths. When you do this before ejaculation, you will be able to slow down and relax. Fast and shallow breathing speeds your heart rate up and makes you more aroused.

On the other hand, with deep breathing, you’ll be able to slow down your heart rate. Long and deep breaths will give you better control over your arousal. Ultimately, you’ll be able to prolong ejaculation and prevent it. There’s no rule on when you should take deep breaths and how; just find what’s best for you and try to keep your breathing consistent.

Prostate Orgasms 

Penile stimulation is not the only way to reach a male orgasm. In fact, your body is full of erogenous zones and pleasure points that can drive you wild. Most importantly, the prostate is an often neglected part of the male body, but it can produce orgasms that are as intense as female G-spot orgasms. That’s why people often refer to the prostate as the P-spot.

The prostate is a walnut-like gland found between your bladder and your penis. You can stimulate it by accessing the gland within your anus. You’ll find it at the front of the rectum. However, it won’t give you instant orgasms, and you’ll need to get accustomed to the sensations of prostate stimulation. It’s possible to use fingers or toys like prostate massagers to do this. The trick is to get extremely aroused by masturbating.

Then, you can stimulate the anal opening and eventually work your way inside the prostate. The most effective method would be to use a prostate massager toy to reach the prostate easily and target it correctly.


That’s all! Use some of our secrets to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation and order some toys for additional pleasure!

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