Beyond the Kamasutra: How Women Want to Be Pleasured in the Lesbian Perspective

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There’s no doubt sex is good, no matter how clumsy it can get sometimes. But why settle for average when you can do better? Most people (usually heterosexuals) think of sex as simple penetration coupled with some kisses. However, there’s much more to it than they’d have you believe.

Although you’d usually think of switching up positions as a sign of dull intercourse, it doesn’t have to be that way. Paying attention to what feels right for both of you is what makes sex with another person so fun. If you add some toys, role-playing, or even an unusual place, you can get outstanding results.

Therefore, we aim to give you some texture in your private life. There are many things one girl can do to another in bed. Here, you’ll find ways to explore female sexuality beyond what the Kamasutra tells you. You’ll take your lesbian sex to a whole new level, escaping tradition and conventions.

Intimacy and Control

Lesbian sex position are many. You can do all sorts of things in bed. However, there are two main categories you can use to differentiate the way you have intercourse with your partner. Of course, we’re talking about intimacy (lovemaking) and control (lust and kink).

You see, being intimate with someone doesn’t have to mean full-on action. It’s being face-to-face with one another. The moment when your eyes meet is even more gratifying than sex for some. Sex with women is art; hence, treating it as such can have numerous positive effects.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to fuck someone’s brains out. Just like men, we have the same ability. Whether it’s forceful (consensually) and dominant or submissive, it can help both of you get what you need. Doing whatever feels right in the moment is the first step to having unforgettable sex.

Out of This World

To get what lesbian women want in sex, you need to be creative and versatile. Hell, you can say the same about straight couples too. The thing is, the same positions and scenarios eventually get old. Sure, coffee is great, but sometimes you’d rather have tea instead. Although we’re not Shakespeare, you still get the point.

Our bodies change with time, and with them, our perception of what feels right does too. Whether we get older and less elastic, or we gain weight, our bodies expect different kinds of pleasure. Therefore, exploring your body and searching for new erogenous zones is a must if you want to keep your sex life enjoyable and fun.

X Marks the Spot

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about the all-so-famous G-spot. Yup, it’s the equivalent of the prostate in males. However, it’s not that easy to find it for every person. We’re just built differently; hence, what works for some doesn’t work for others. That’s completely fine.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment and try to find it. Sex toys, changing positions and speed, manual stimulation, and so on can all help you search for the G-spot. If anything, you’ll realize that sex with a woman is full of surprises. Moreover, you’ll get to better understand how both your bodies function.


Nevertheless, your sexual activities must not come at any cost. It means that there’s no reason in the world to force something if it doesn’t feel right. Girls will often go to great lengths to replicate a position they saw in porn or heard about from a friend. However, that’s not really how to do lesbian positions.

Oral sex, nipple play, or doggy style are all common things we think of when someone mentions sex. The reality is that not everyone enjoys them. Thinking you have to explore them even if they feel uncomfortable is more than wrong. After all, the whole point of sex is to feel good.

So be open to your partner (partners) if you don’t like something. Communication is the foundation of every successful sexual relationship. Sweeping something under the rug is pointless.

How to Achieve It

To achieve comfort, you have to explore. However, as soon as something begins to feel bad or weird — stop and talk about it. Find time to share thoughts and ideas with your partner. This way, you’ll open up and receive feedback from your partner, allowing them to have the same chance of reaching the prize.

However, comfort isn’t only about feeling good physically. It’s also about feeling safe while sharing intimacy with your lover. Stimulating your vagina or anus should be about pleasure, but knowing the person who you’re doing it with is also important. So once you’re ready to try something more extreme, you won’t second-guess the idea because you’ll trust your girlfriend.

Don’t think that something that looks or sounds uncomfortable won’t work for you. It’s important to have an open mind. Spicing up your sex life by, let’s say, switching gender identities or playing dominance/submission games can prove to be the thing for you. You see, comfort doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. It’s purely subjective and individual, just like the two of you.

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