The Kamasutra Could Be the Earliest Book on Women Empowerment

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Although we mostly associate women empowerment with the mid-sixties United States, there are numerous examples of it throughout history. One of them is the now-famous book of “Kama Sutra.” This ancient manuscript talks about exploring female sexuality unlike anything from that period. It’s fascinating to read, meaning it’s still more than relevant today.

However, the Kamasutra isn’t a simple sex manual. The context of the book is way broader than explaining how to reach an unforgettable climax through various sex positions and kinks. It also talks about life, love, and nature. Therefore, you could say it’s a direct opposite to the patriarchal societal system of its age.

Our article aims to explain some of the most curious parts of the book. Specifically, we’ll touch on the ones that revolve around sexual positions for women, female orgasm, and sexual pleasure in general. We’ll also talk about the background of the Kamasutra and the social climate of its time. Stick around because it’s going to be one heck of a read. Without further ado, we present you with the Kamasutra 101.

Recognizes Women’s Right to Property and Control Over the Household

Nowadays, most people think of the Kamasutra as a sex manual. We’ve already pointed out that it’s much more than that. For example, the script talks about life in general, family, finding happiness, and so on. Most importantly, it preaches against patriarchy and promotes equality among men and women.

In the Kamasutra, women’s empowerment is evident in many of its chapters. However, it’s not as simple as modern people would believe. Female empowerment isn’t only about the freedom to do whatever you want. It’s also about being an adult and taking responsibility in life.

It talks about being a wife — the head of the household. This is one of the main reasons why women should read the Kamasutra. Sex and kink aside, it’s an ageless script about finding purpose and joy in life. Furthermore, it leads to physical pleasure, which we’ll cover later.

You see, throughout history, men being solely in charge and making all the decisions was a norm. However, the Kamasutra defies those stereotypes and explains how gender dominance isn’t the way. Considering the manuscript is a couple of thousand years old, it’s sad how we lost the plot somewhere along the way.

Gave Women Control Over Their Sexuality

Even if the sexual education of young people is much more prominent these days, it’s safe to say there’s still not enough of it. Generation after generation sees intercourse solely as penetration through the missionary position. Moreover, they see it only as a way of procreation. However, it’s such a simplification that it’s sometimes scary.

On the other hand, the Kamasutra strays away from these stereotypes. It openly talks about ways women can enjoy sex in a more free fashion. Also, it delves into female homosexuality, with verses that describe lesbian acts. Once again, we have to emphasize how revolutionary these concepts were, even by modern standards.

Sex is about more than helping a man empty his testicles. Hence, the Kamasutra explains how women can get more pleasure from being intimate. It also adds that women have every right to leave their lover if he’s not able to give them what they want. If you take it in the context of a script from the second half of the 3rd century CE, it’s unprecedented.

Furthermore, you can read about committing adultery too. Interestingly enough, the script gives reasons why and when to go for it. Of course, it doesn’t endorse it by saying it’s good and everyone should do it. The Kamasutra only states that there are times when such actions aren’t immoral and wrong.

Nevertheless, it’s time to talk about the meat of this article. We’re here to explore some Kamasutra positions that give more control to women. Sure, over the years, this topic has become somewhat cliche. However, if done the right way, it doesn’t have to be. Therefore, let’s check what positions ancient Hindu people had in mind.

Kamasutra-Inspired Positions That Give Control to the Woman

You’ve probably seen or replicated some of the following positions, but it won’t hurt to understand how to do them properly. Moreover, we’ll explain how they affect your body. So read on and enrich your sex life.

The Lotus

Now and then, we need that “I love you” type of moment, and the lotus is all about that. The lotus consists of your partner sitting down with his legs crossed while you’re in his lap. The two of you face each other and hug as your head is just above his. This allows him to play with your breasts with his tongue, further adding to your pleasure. On the other hand, you can bite his ear or kiss his neck while enjoying deep penetration.

Wide Opened

Again, deep penetration is the name of the game with the wide opened position. The trick is to lay down on your back while your lover kneels between your legs. This way, you’ll be able to raise your hips and cross your legs behind his lower back. Then, it’s only about matching each other’s rhythm, and you’re on your way to an unforgettable orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl Modified

Similar to the classic cowgirl, it’s a woman-on-top position, but it changes one important thing — your partner isn’t lying down; he’s sitting with his chest facing your back. This way, he’ll be able to stimulate your neck and ears. Also, you’ll get even more pleasure from him breathing behind your back.

Woman on Top

To have more control and subsequent pleasure, climbing on top of your lover is key. As he lies on his back with his legs spread, he’s vulnerable and completely submissive. However, he will penetrate you deep enough, even reaching the G-spot. As your hands are free while on top, you’ll be able to stimulate your clitoris manually too. The woman on top is an overall classic position people often forget about.

Magic Mountain

Lastly, one of our favorite positions is helpful for both lesbian and straight sex. It’s a scissoring type of position that allows the two of you to manually stimulate each other. So partners need to sit on their bottom and lift their legs to intertwine them. This way, you’ll be face-to-face with your hands free to do all the magic. It’s also great for clitoral stimulation as they will be able to rub the top of your vagina with their fingers.

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