Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex

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Are you worried that your sex life will go downhill in a long-term relationship? What are some things that you can do to keep your sex life fresh and exciting for many years?

Well, the way to solve those questions is to learn by example. Namely, sex therapists and experts have found some common traits in couples who have a hot and wild sex life. So keep reading to discover some of their secrets!

Do Not Stop Dating

For starters, keeping a relationship dynamic and exciting is essential for having a great sex life. Couples who have the best time in the sack usually make an effort to spend some time together on romantic dates. That enables them to get a much-needed timeout and build their intimacy. That is crucial for parents and anyone who is in a long-term relationship. Dating can refresh your bond, and it can also allow you to keep the excitement flowing.

So it’s a good idea to mark some dates on your calendar and surprise your partner with a classy dinner or a fun movie night. Dating will also allow you to flirt and seduce your partner in various ways. It’s a fantastic kind of foreplay that can happen even before you get into the bedroom.

Exert Effort to Stay Attractive

Successful couples will usually understand that attraction is a crucial part of their sex life. But this doesn’t necessarily require you to constantly look like a top model and wear the most expensive clothes. You could talk about your attraction to your partner and set some goals. Try to keep a proper diet and also pay attention to your outfits and style. Does your partner like the way you dress or prefer you to wear something that arouses them?

It’s understandable if you are a parent who has to stay in comfy home clothes most of the time. However, when you go out, you could dress up and surprise your loved one with a stunning outfit or even some lingerie underneath. That will tickle your partner’s imagination, and it will get them ready to take your clothes off.

Constantly Talk With an Open Mind

It’s always important to sit down and set aside some time for an open discussion. It may not be easy to find a lot of time to do this. But, good communication will boost your intimacy. It will also make sure that both sides are on the same level. Also, try not to approach your discussion with judgment and keep an open mind. That will allow you to express vulnerability and truly listen to your partner. See 10 proven ways to improve intimacy.

Of course, your talks can evolve around any subject. That is, they do not have to focus on arguments or issues. You could talk about sex. With sexual communication, you can discuss the things that you are interested in exploring. That way, you will both learn how to have great sex.

If you want to change your sexual experiences and add something new into the mix (i.e., anal or oral sex), it’s always a good idea to discuss it first. That way, you will get a better understanding of your partner’s needs, desires, and fantasies. That will also bring you closer to fulfilling them, and it will lead to a good time in the bedroom.

Turn Off Their Gadgets

In today’s world, you may not even be aware of how much time you dedicate to your gadgets and social media. The most successful couples know that intimate moments or talks are incredibly important. That’s why it’s essential to disconnect from your phone or computer occasionally. If you are talking with your partner, set your phone aside, and focus on them. You will be able to have a meaningful discussion without any distractions.

What’s more, try to minimize the use of your phone in the bedroom. If you constantly find yourself in bed with your phone, you could hurt your partner’s feelings. They could feel rejected because it may seem to them that your online activities are more important than your relationship. Some partners could even get jealous or suspicious. The best way to avoid this is to minimize how you use your gadgets around your partner.

Also, if it’s time for sex or even if you have to choose planned sex, turn off your phone during each session so that it will not bother both partners.

Hit the Gym

According to relationship experts, one of the best ways to improve sex for both partners is to exercise regularly. While it’s true that sex can make you burn some calories, you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for exercising. Therefore, hitting the gym, running, playing basketball, or doing any other activity will keep you healthy and refresh you. And it’s not just a way of making you look great.

Exercise can improve your blood flow, which means that it can lead to better performance in bed. Working out can result in stronger erections, and for women, it can increase the sensitivity of their clitoral and vaginal area. And that is only the beginning. With frequent exercise, you can build strength and stamina, which are essential to a healthy sex life. Additionally, it can improve your mood, focus, and much more.

Cuddle in Bed

Another way to increase intimacy is to cuddle. Spend some alone time together in bed! Try to make it a habit because it can bring you closer to each other. In fact, studies have proven that cuddling can boost your oxytocin levels (i.e., the bonding hormone), which allows you to feel close and connected. This hormone will also decrease cortisol levels while cuddling, meaning that it will reduce stress and anxiety.

And if cuddling isn’t naughty enough for you, remember that it also leads to dopamine release. That way, it directly sets the mood and fuels your sexual desire. Cuddling is a great habit because it can lead to exciting foreplay and allow women to prepare for their orgasm. It also gives both partners a chance to tease each other and explore their bodies. You can even kick things up a notch with a sensual massage during your cuddling session.

They Roleplay

Generally, role-playing is among the easiest things that couples can try to introduce something new into their sex lives. Role-play is exciting because it allows you to explore your sexual fantasies and enables you to experiment with power play. You can reverse your regular roles or simply get into a different type of mindset compared to the one you’re used to.

What’s more, there is a nearly infinite pool of role-play ideas. You merely have to decide on some of the scenarios that excite you the most. It can lead to some of the hottest sex sessions ever, but if you’ve never tried it, it will be best to discuss your ideas with your partner. Remember that you don’t have to choose cheesy housewife and repairman scenes. Also, it doesn’t have to be an intense BDSM session. See these fiery role-play ideas.

Just think about your fantasy and find a way to recreate it with your partner. Also, couples who always have fantastic sex are very open to experimentation. Besides role-play, you can bring some sex toys into the bedroom and explore some new sensations with them.

The Bottom Line

As you have seen today, it only takes a small effort and some guidance to keep sex fun for both partners in relationships. So try some of our tips and have fun!

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