Which Sexual Position Is the Best for Pregnancy?

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While trying to get pregnant, you could encounter a lot of advice that may or may not work for you. Should you follow it, and how should you approach sex if you are trying to conceive? Which sexual position is the best for pregnancy? Keep reading to find out!

It’s a Myth

If you are attempting to get pregnant or having issues, it’s likely that you’ve spent time researching this subject. It’s also possible that you’ve seen a lot of information about the effects of different sex positions. With so much information and differing opinions, it could be difficult to separate fact from fiction. However, if you are looking for the truth about the best position for pregnancy, it’s worth it to research the opinions of scientists.

Namely, numerous studies have proven that sexual positions will not affect your chances of conceiving. Research suggests that any kind of sex that culminates with a dose of semen inside your vagina can result in a growing belly.

However, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that a rear-entry position like doggy-style is great for pregnancy. In theory, it increases the depth of penetration. While that can bring the sperm closer to your cervix, researchers have not found any concrete evidence that makes this tip useful for all women.

Additionally, raising the pelvis, sitting down after penetrative sex, or lying on your side are tips that may not guarantee pregnancy. Countless studies have not been able to find a link between those activities and pregnancy. Yet, what they did find is that sperm will always find a way to end up in your cervical canal when your partner ejaculates inside you.

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How Does One Get Pregnant?

To get pregnant, your egg needs to be fertilized by male sperm. After ejaculation, the sperm will travel to the egg cells. Male semen is the liquid that comes out of a man’s penis during ejaculation. It contains over 300 million sperm. These cells are incredibly fast, and they are great swimmers. Of course, it’s best to conceive during ovulation or approximately two weeks before a woman’s next period.

When a man orgasms during vaginal penetration, his sperm will pass through the female cervix and womb. It will then enter the fallopian tubes. If these tubes contain an egg, the sperm will fertilize it. Males also release pre-ejaculate when they are aroused, which could also contain some semen. It’s sometimes possible to get pregnant only from pre-ejaculate. In rare cases, it’s possible that sperm can travel to the vagina after anal sex or even oral sex. And if you are trying to conceive, you should generally abstain from contraceptives like condoms. They can block the sperm from entering the vagina.

Can You Help the Sperms Reach Their Destination?

It’s true that there is no scientific evidence that claims some sex positions are more effective than others. However, everyone is different. It is hard to find a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to conception.

For instance, some women could prefer doggy-style or the missionary position because it results in deeper penetration. They can certainly make sex feel better, especially if you are constantly attempting to conceive.

Some sex experts advise that missionary and doggy-style are the most effective positions. The arguments that support this are quite understandable. Namely, the positions can produce the best alignment between the vagina and the cervix. They can allow the maximum amount of semen to pool up inside the cervical opening.

Other experts advise that those positions could increase the number of sperm that’s inside you. The same goes for any other “man on top” position. However, it may also be possible to get the same effect with other positions. That includes “woman on top” positions like reverse cowgirl, legs on shoulders, the wheelbarrow, and even various Kama Sutra poses.

Additionally, other experts claim that clitoral stimulation and female orgasms could make sperm travel faster due to increased blood flow.

Gravity Is Your Best Friend

Another popular piece of advice that may be more effective than trying various positions is to use gravity.

Some doctors believe that it’s useful for women to lie down after sex. Women are advised to raise their legs and pelvis for 15 minutes. You can also lie down on a pillow in order to elevate your hips. This could have the same effect as a position that offers deep penetration. That way, gravity will pull the sperm deeper inside you. What’s more, doctors advise against standing up quickly after the semen has been injected. Some believe that gravity can actually pull it down.

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However, as we’ve said, there is little scientific evidence that supports any of the pregnancy hacks that we’ve outlined. What science supports is that you should take care of your health and monitor your reproductive health, your hormones, and your menstrual cycle. You can also use lubricants that eliminate friction and allow the sperm to travel faster.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to try any of the tips that we have outlined, you will probably not waste any time or energy. If anything, sex will be more pleasant to you and your partner. You may not be comfortable with those positions or tips, but just remember that you don’t have to follow them. It’s best to regularly visit a specialist, keep track of your fertile days, stay healthy, and have great sex while trying to conceive. Good luck!

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