How to Make the Most of Suction Cup Dildos

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Suction cup dildos look the same as any other dildo. They are usually shaped like a penis, and they are often used for penetration. However, there is one important difference with these sex toys. On the base of the toy, there is a suction cup. This allows users to attach a suction cup dildo to almost any surface. As a result, you can have fun hands-free. 

A suction cup base will allow you to experiment with different positions while using your hands for anything else. This is a great opportunity to try out anal penetration if you are playing with your partner since it is an excellent way to achieve double penetration. 

During Shower Sex

If you were wondering where you could stick your hands-free dildo, the most obvious answer is — in the shower. Sticking a dildo on the side of the tub will allow you to have some fun, both alone and with a partner. 

If you are alone, suction-cupped toys can be a great way to experiment with different sex positions both for anal and vaginal penetration. Many enjoy using dildos and other toys during oral sex since it can provide additional stimulation. 

Aside from your tub, you can also mount this toy on the shower wall. If you find showers arousing, and if you’ve always dreamed of having sex in one, you will enjoy every second with your new dildo. 

Of course, you might need to practice a bit to find the perfect position. If you are planning on using lubricant, you might want to consider the effect of warm water on it. You will need a lot of lubricant if you plan to shower with a dildo. 

On Your Headboard

Probably the most obvious location for your toy is the bedroom. While there are a lot of places where you can stick your dildo, a headboard might be one of the better ones. Thanks to your mattress, you will feel comfortable, and you won’t need to worry about your knees being sore after a while.

Unfortunately, the only problem with using the headboard is finding the right position. While it is great for doggy style, you might need some time to adjust. Furthermore, trying other positions might prove problematic if you are not flexible enough. Using your toy can be great for both vaginal and anal sex. 

Stick It On Your Walls

Another great idea you can try is to use walls. Sticking your dildo to a wall will allow you to easily adjust the height and position, and it works for any type of sex. Similarly to mounting it on the door, you will have a limited number of positions you can enjoy.

There is one additional thing you can try. If you have a thinner strip of a wall, this will allow you to enjoy your toy in an entirely new way. Since you will have a place for your legs and arms, this might be the best suction cup dildo location you can find. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has this in their apartment, and you might need to stick your toy to regular walls instead. 

Or Your Windows

Using your windows might be extremely arousing for exhibitionists out there. Wondering if anyone can see you is thrilling for many, and it might be something you will enjoy. But if you plan on using your windows for this, you will need to be careful. This means that you can’t go wild, and you will have to stick to slow and steady movements. 

The last thing you need is to break the window while being naked. Not only will someone almost certainly notice what you are doing, but you can also seriously hurt yourself. 

The Floor Would Be Nice

Your floor can be a great thing, especially if you own a dildo mount. This way, you will be able to ride it comfortably and dictate the tempo without worrying about awkward positions. Even if you don’t have a mount for the toy, you can still stick it on a laminated surface or tiles in your home. 

Another exciting thing you can try is mounting a toy on a mirror. This will allow you (or your partner) to enjoy the view while you play, which can be an exciting thing to do. Similarly to the windows, you will need to be careful not to break the mirror. While some claim that it brings bad luck, you might also cut yourself badly. 

Avoid Carpets or Anything Where the Suction Won’t Work

The best thing about suction dildos is that you can stick them to almost any flat surface. However, you should avoid carpets and similar materials where the suction will be useless. 

While it is not impossible to have fun on the carpet, you will miss the whole point of suction cups, and you will have to use it as a regular toy. Furthermore, even if you try to fix them in such a location, it will be nearly impossible to find the right angle and enjoy yourself. 


Suction dildos are fun. You can stick them to nearly any surface and have your hands free while you play with yourself or with your partner. One of the most popular locations where you can stick them is the bathroom. There is something special about shower sex, and this is a perfect opportunity to experiment with something new. 

These dildos will do a great job if you place them on a wall, door, headrest, or even on the floor. The only thing you should avoid is trying to use them on surfaces where they won’t hold, such as carpets.  Last but not the least, make sure to clean your dildo and sanitize it before and after every use and always get your suction dildos from well-established stores like the ones from

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