How to Make the Most of Suction Cup Dildos?

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Suction cup dildos are amazing for a hands-free penetration. Dildos are fun no doubt but after a while it becomes really tiring to keep on holding the toy. Sometimes you just wish to keep the hands free for other interesting stuff like caressing your body. This is where suction cup dildos are all that you will need. As the name says, these dildos come with a suction cup that stuck onto a surface. The dildo protrudes out from the cup so that you can enjoy a steady penetration. Whether you are with a partner or flying solo, suction cup dildos are cool for all.

So, are you too planning to check out a suction cup dildo this time? Oh, boy! The possibilities are almost limitless when you have a suction cup dildo with you. You must be eager to know about them by now. Well, the post below offers a brief on some of the sexy things you can try with a suction cup dildo.

Threesome with partner and dildo

You don’t always need a third person to explore the threesome fun. Added to you and your partner, the suction cup dildo will be the third partner here. There are essentially two ways by which you can play the threesome fun along with your partner and the dildo.

One way is to enjoy double penetration with your partner and the suction cup dildo. Fix the dildo on the wall and stand facing it. Let your partner penetrate you from the back while you penetrate yourself with the dildo before you. As you won’t have to hold the dildo with your hands, you can keep your hands relaxed. You can reverse the position as well. Let the dildo be in the same place but you take a turn in the opposite direction. Now, let your partner penetrate you from the front while you make way for the dildo at the back.

The other way to enjoy threesome here is to explore a combination of penetration and oral with your partner and the suction cup dildo. Place it on your wall and take up the dildo in your mouth. Then, as you start to suck the dildo, let your partner enter you from the backdoor. If you want your partner to penetrate you from the front, place the dildo in such a place from where you suck it sideways.

Fix with a strap-on

This tip is great for the lesbian couples who love to enjoy a solid cock sometime. Suction cup dildos work well with strap-on harnesses. So, if you want to get penetrated by a cock, tell your partner to wear a strap-on and then stick the dildo to it. Then, she can penetrate you either from the back or front. You two can also try on a 69 position with the dildo. Your partner will have to wear the dildo with strap-on and then lie down. Now, you will go on top of her so that your vagina touches her face and your mouth reaches to the dildo. This way, she can stimulate you with a smooth oral down under while you fill your mouth with a coveted rigid fullness.

Jumping Jackie

Do you have a fetish for cowgirl sex but you are not being able to try it as your partner is on a trip? Well, a suction cup dildo will fill up your life with light and hope here with its hands-free fun. Thanks to their suction cup base, you can stick these dildos on any hard surface. A good idea would be to stick them on your chair. Now, all you will have to do is to ride the dildo up and down like the perfect cowgirl. You can try this idea with both vaginal and anal penetration.

Hands-free anal sex

Anal sex is difficult with a regular dildo as they run the risk of getting lost inside your anus. Thus, there are special anal dildos with flared base which are specifically made for anal ride. So, if you want try a dildo into your anal, your regular dildo for vaginal penetration won’t do here. You will especially need an “anal dildo” altogether. But, dildos are costly, especially when you are going for the premium ones. If you are not much into anal pegging and only like it occasionally, it won’t be really worthy to invest in an anal dildo. A suction-cup dildo comes to the rescue here.

Unlike other dildos, suction cup options don’t run loose. Rather they firmly stick on to a hard surface, thanks to a suction cup at the base. As a result, it can easily eliminate the risk of getting lost inside your anus and you can enjoy a passionate anal sex seamlessly.

Mirror display

Do you want to witness the thrill on your face when you get penetrated by a sizeable dildo? Well, you can stick the dildo on your mirror here and let it penetrate you from the front. In the meanwhile, check yourself on the mirror and enjoy the scene. You can also try out anal sex with the dildo stuck to the mirror. But then, it’s slightly difficult to check your face and body on the mirror while having anal sex with the toy. So, it’s better to try vaginal sex with the suction cup dildo placed on the mirror.

Safety tips to follow

Look for a suction cup dildo made from a body-safe medically trusted material. It’s especially important when you are planning to enjoy a fulfilling oral with the dildo. It’s better to use a condom while having penetrative sex with the dildo. In fact, condoms are really important when you wish to use the same dildo for both your anus and vagina. Besides, if you love to share dildo with your partner, condoms are a must.

Finally, lubrication is really crucial when you are using a suction cup dildo, either for your vagina or backdoor. Last but not the least, make sure to clean your dildo and sanitize it before and after every use and always get your suction dildos from well-established stores like the ones from

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