What does it feel to wear butt plugs all day?

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Butt plug for wearing can be in the body for several hours in a row. It gives fullness, but does not constrain movements. Suitable for sexual experiments and massage of internal erogenous zones. But it is important to choose the right model so that wearing the anal plug is safe.

All anal sex toys are equipped with limiters. It does not allow the device to sink too deep. But the butt plugs for wearing are created so that the limiter is conveniently placed between the buttocks and does not interfere with movements. It is a flexible isthmus, not a ring.

People who use butt plugs

People want to have sexual pleasure not only at home, but also in unexpected places. This is especially interesting at work, in a cafe or restaurant, in the gym. But to realize such fantasies is not easy. But why not use sex toys to wear?

The butt plug of a special form is absolutely invisible under clothes. It does not constrain movements, does not cause pain or discomfort. At the same time, fullness and slight excitement are felt all the time.

Men can use anal stimulants for prolonged wear. They will easily feel pressure on the prostate, and this will also serve as the prevention of many diseases. For women, wearing anal sex toys is a way of arousal. After such an experiment, the desire for intimacy increases tenfold.

Everyday Wear of Butt Plug

In the body of sex toys can only be a certain time. For example, rubber products should be used no longer than 3 hours. Further irritations are possible. The plastic in the body should be no more than 2 hours. The longest time to wear silicone. The medical composition is safe for 6 hours.

You can wear the butt plug all day, but only intermittently. At these points, it should be washed, dried. The body must rest. A break in wearing should be done for at least 30 minutes.

Choosing the material of the butt plug for wearing, do not save. It is better to buy an expensive butt plug than to use a cheap dubious quality. In this case, pay attention to the surface. The ideal cork is smooth and even, without cracks, cracks or other damage where dirt can get clogged.

Proper shape of butt plug for wearing

Choosing a model of a stimulant for frequent use, you need to choose the right form. There are teardrop-shaped models. They are easy to enter into the body, they gradually stretch the anus without causing pain. They are convenient for novice users.

There are butt plugs with a bend. These models are ideal for stimulating the prostate. It is men who buy them to feel pressure in a certain area. The width of the device is larger at the tip, which requires stretching the anus before the introduction of the massager.

For wearing, it is recommended to choose an anal stimulator with a thin leg. It will be located in the area of ​​the anus, and a diameter of up to 2 cm will not cause discomfort. Larger plugs are suitable for erotic games, but not for permanent use.

Wear plug size

The ideal anal stimulator size to wear is up to 10 cm in length. This is enough to give both fullness and a light massage. Sometimes short things are purchased – up to 6 cm.

Each user decides for himself what feelings he needs. For men, the prostate stimulator should be at least 7 cm in length. For women, smaller sizes are acceptable. If you want only fullness, then a large length is absolutely not required. But if pressure on internal erogenous zones is valuable, then it is worth paying attention to longer devices.

Vibration in anal stimulants to wear

Today, traffic jams can have internal mechanisms that cause vibration or ripple in the device. Such movements enhance pleasure, help to relax in the most unexpected places. But it is important to choose the right model so that it can be controlled remotely.

Anal vibrator for wearing gives much more experience than a stimulator without an internal motor. You can use it with and without movements. Modern models are controlled from a remote control or from a smartphone. Their feature is quiet operation. Turning on even in a crowded place will not be heard by others.

When choosing a model to wear with vibration, you should pay attention to charging the device. The most convenient rechargeable model. They do not require the purchase of additional batteries. One has only to charge the device, and it is ready to work again.

Feature of vibrating anal plugs: to activate the device, you need to press the button on the body itself. And only then will the remote control or application work on the smartphone. After 15-30 minutes without the internal mechanism working, the connection is interrupted to save battery. And to turn on the sex toy, you have to press a button on the cork. Therefore, it is important to understand that it will not be possible to constantly maintain the device in the on state, you will need to touch the subject before turning on the vibration.

Vibration even in the most modern models can last no more than 2 hours. The charge for a longer time is not enough. And some models work even less. When choosing a cork to wear, pay attention to power and time charge and work.

Constantly wearing a butt plug

Prolonged wearing of the butt plug can be dangerous if you do not adhere to several rules:

Purity. Anal stimulant should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It is important not only to wash everything off the surface of the toy, but also to treat it with a disinfectant. This thing is immersed in the body, so it is very important to protect the anus from dirt.

Individuality. Passing the butt plug for wearing to another person is prohibited. This is an individual sex toy that is not intended for use by several people. It is very difficult to carry out a complete disinfection, therefore bacteria are transmitted with a sex toy, and they are individual for each person. Passing a toy can lead to infections, indigestion, and other illnesses.

Proper lubrication. An anal plug is inserted into the body only with a lubricant. In this case, it is needed not to slip, but to soften the skin. It protects the anus from cracks. Saving on lubricant is not worth it. But with sex toys, only the water-based option is used. It does not affect the surface of the device. When worn, it is sometimes necessary to add a lubricant during socks. If there is discomfort, it is worth increasing the amount of lubricant. It is forbidden to use improvised means instead of a lubricant: creams, lotions, petroleum jelly, etc.

Lack of pain. Wearing an anal sex toy should not bring discomfort. Any discomfort is a signal that the stimulant needs to be removed. Do not hope that addiction will happen. Pain is a sign that practice should be stopped.

Anus injuries. After wearing the butt plug, the anus may hurt. This is caused by muscle tension, possible microcracks. Until these sensations pass, wearing a cork is prohibited. It is necessary to give the body time to recover from experiments.

Finally, it has proven that wearing a premium-quality butt plug greatly helps with comfort, and you can ensure that it’s safe and non-toxic, just like what is being offered at loveplugs.

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