What Does It Feel to Wear Butt Plugs All Day?

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Stimulating and playing with their rear ends, people all over the world are upping their sex lives each day. Mixing their regular sexual routines, they implement anal play as a mandatory part of sex. But anal sex is a bit more tricky for beginners, unlike regular, vaginal intercourse.

Why is that, you might ask? Well, your rectum is a lot tighter than the vagina. To enjoy anal the way you want to, you need to prepare yourself first thoroughly. Therefore, hygiene, lots of lubrication, and quality sex toys are all essential for safe and enjoyable intercourse.

Taking care of hygiene by cleaning your anal canal is fairly understandable even for the most novice people looking to get into booty play. We don’t need to talk about what lives in our asses, do we? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

On the other hand, lube and quality toys are important because your anus is pretty sensitive. Hence, playing it safe and not overestimating your barriers is a must. 

Working your ass with a butt plug before anal sex is great. It’ll relax it enough so that further penetration won’t be painful and unpleasant for both partners. But it doesn’t mean people use butt plugs just because they’re going to have intercourse later. They use these little rascals because of the feeling and stimulation they bring once they make their home in your rear end. A ton of people wear them for a longer period. 

Extended butt plug wear is why we’re here, after all.

Safety Reminder About Wearing Butt Plugs All Day

Just like with the use of any other adult toy, safety should be the first thing on your mind. From checking whether the toy is body-safe to its flared base, the user should consider how experienced they actually are. Being aware of your experience level is essential.

That means that you shouldn’t overestimate yourself once you opt for a toy like this. But how long can you wear a butt plug? Well, most manuals that come with the package say that wearing their product for more than 2–3 hours isn’t recommended. But even before you get to that level, you should start with short sessions, measured in minutes.

Starting slowly and gradually upping your game is the right way to go. Of course, having the insertable length and the width in mind is just as important. Therefore, getting the smallest one you can find is probably the best option you have if you’re a newbie in the ass game.

It’s essential to see how your body reacts to certain materials used. Of course, if you get the toy from a certified provider, the chance of getting a toy made out of dangerous materials is pretty much non-existing. But trying a stainless steel toy might not work your ass as a silicone one would. So preparing yourself for different types is crucial if you want to get the best possible experience.

The Feeling of Fullness and Sensation

People wonder what the benefits of a toy like this are, and why so many opt for it. Well, the answer is pretty simple once you try it. Besides preparing you for potential anal sex afterward, the butt plug plays with your nerves and stimulates the whole body. The actual feeling is an all-around sensation.

When it comes to males, the butt plug plays with their prostate, which is somewhat similar to the female G-spot. It turns the man on in no time and helps with their erection. Hence, it’s a great way to help those people with erectile issues. Also, it helps make the orgasm a much stronger experience.

But when it comes to girls, long term wearing not only expands their anal capacities, but it also takes regular vaginal intercourse to a new level. It keeps them constantly stimulated, teasing their body nonstop.

On top of that, day-long sessions make all of those mundane chores a lot more fun. A simple task of washing the dishes while a butt plug lurks under your skirt becomes a completely different experience. Some people even wander around in public spaces, being all plugged up! All in all, It’s just an awesome way to go about your day.

Magnifying Vaginal Penetration and Penile Ejaculation

Like we’ve said, all-day butt-plugging will up your whole sex game by a mile. Females experience a lot more through vaginal intercourse while their ass is filled with a good old booty toy. And in contrast, males ejaculate better. The way their prostate gets pressured by the toy extraordinarily affects the feeling of their orgasms.


It’s not by accident that you see butt plugs all over anal porn videos. In case you didn’t think about it, those people you watch really know how to have great sex. So trusting them when it comes to lovemaking is pretty easy. The toy plays with your nerve ending in your rectum, and there are more than a few of them located there, so combining any other kind of sexual activity with an anal plug is a winning combination. 

Different Activities You Can Do While Wearing a Butt Plug

Since we’ve mentioned that booty plugs work great with everyday chores and activities, it’s only fair to talk a bit about actual interesting stuff you can do with them. That is not to say that going to work or the post office isn’t fun. But hey — let’s be a bit more creative now, shall we?

After you’ve gently inserted your new favorite toy in your rectum, start gently playing with your vagina. Let the combo of stimulating two different erogenous zones overpower you. Add another toy to the equation. For example, try using a vibrator while your butt is shut with a nice silicone plug.

But if you’re with your partner, let him play with your ass and the plug. Allow him to be experimental, teasing you up and down with it. Let his penis penetrate your vagina while the thick neck of the toy tingles your anal walls. Try it and see why there’s nothing better than an anally driven orgasm. Believe us — we know what we’re talking about. Finally, it has proven that wearing a premium-quality butt plug greatly helps with comfort, and you can ensure that it’s safe and non-toxic, just like what is being offered at loveplugs.

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