Simple Kama Sutra Positions That You Can Try

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When it comes to ideas on new and exciting sex positions, the ancient Kama Sutra text still reigns supreme. However, some couples may be a bit wary of it since it is chock full of unusual and weird positions that require a lot of awkward acrobatics.

Still, if you dig into it, you’ll find that it’s also got a lot of practical tips that will spice up your sex life. Our article will show you a selection of simple Kama Sutra positions that you can try with your partner and experience some mind-blowing orgasms!


If you have never attempted any Kama Sutra sex positions, it would be best to start with the Sammukha. This position is a simple one where the receiving partner stands with their back facing a wall. Then, the partner has to spread their legs wide open. This will slightly lower their body and provide a special angle for deep and powerful penetration. The Sammukha is also fantastic because you can try it outside of your bedroom.

What’s more, it’s a highly intimate position since it offers plenty of romantic or naughty eye contact. However, if you are taller than your partner, the position may be a bit tricky to pull off. In that case, your partner should stand on a small stool to match your height.


This is also a standing position, and it starts off with your partner holding on to the back of your neck. Then, you can grab your partner by their butt and lift them up. The trick is to grip your partner’s knees with your elbows. That way, your bodies will be locked together, and the position will be quite stable.

Generally, the Janukurpara requires some acrobatics and stamina, but it will definitely produce some intense orgasms. It can be incredibly pleasurable for both the giving and receiving partner as it offers deep penetration.


Next up, the Piditaka is a comfortable and relaxed position to try in bed. It involves some mild acrobatics, but it’s fairly simple. First, your partner can get into the common missionary position, and you will need to kneel in front of them. They should put their feet up against your chest. Before penetration, you will need to use your knees to raise your partner’s hips and place them on your thighs. Then, you’ll be ready to enter your partner.

Overall, the Piditaka offers romantic yet intense penetration that will work wonders for G-spot stimulation as well as anal sex.


You may have tried the Virsha position before without even knowing it. Actually, the position is similar to the legendary Reverse Cowgirl! It’s simple — you have to lie down and have your partner sit on top with their back facing you. They can kneel and grip your body with their legs.

Penetration will feel unique in this position as both partners can rock up and down. However, the difference with the Virsha is that the receiving partner should bend down slightly. Then, they can hold your legs or ankles for a better grip and deeper penetration. Best of all, you can take this position to the next level if you incorporate some sex toys like bullet vibes or butt plugs.


The Tripadam may well be the official “quickie” position in the Kama Sutra. It focuses more on fast and short penetration instead of deep thrusting. If you want to try the Tripadam, aka the “tripod,” simply stand up and face your partner. Then, they should lift up their leg and place it over your hip before you enter them. It will create a special angle, and penetration will feel incredibly tight.

Moreover, it’s a highly intimate position as it provides plenty of eye contact. However, like the Sammukha, the Tripadam could be tricky to pull off if your partner is shorter than you.

The Milk and Water Embrace

This unique position is actually incredibly easy, and it will suit most body sizes. To start, you should kneel down, keep your back straight, and slightly lower your butt. Your partner can then kneel in front of you and bring their back and butt against your body.

Before you penetrate your partner, they should also place their legs between yours. The position will create a deep angle for vaginal or anal penetration. What’s more, it allows for additional stimulation of the nipples, clitoris, etc. You can also kiss your partner’s neck or play with their hair as you penetrate them.


The Indrani position is quite similar to the Piditaka, and it can lead to intense G-spot orgasms. Also, it’s a great position for anal sex. Typically, it starts with your partner on their back and a pillow beneath their head. Your partner should lift their knees up against their chest.

Then, you can kneel in front of them, and they can straddle your back with their legs. Gently push your partner’s butt upwards and wrap your legs around them before penetration. It’s also possible to use another pillow under your partner’s back to prop them up. When you find the ideal angle, you’ll get intense and deep penetration with powerful G-spot stimulation.


So which position was your favorite? The best way to find out is to try a few of them out during your next erotic adventure! Good luck!

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